Friday, August 19, 2011

Need Cash Now? Sell Your Stuff...Seriously.

While you are looking for a job or building your home based business you find you need some cash NOW. The first thing you should do is sell your stuff...seriously!

You have LOTS more than you think. You, like many of us are most likely attached to many of the things you have because Aunt May or Nana gave it to you.

I found it is easiest to start with the items you really are not attached to...start easy. Go through your closet. What clothe have you not worn in 6-12 months? Never mind...that you MIGHT fit into it after your diet. Get rid of it. If it is in OK shape put it in your "for sale" pile. If it is just worn out, donate or throw it out.
Then go through all your books...get rid of ALL of them accept your dictionary and others you are reading NOW. Put these books in your "for sale" pile. Doesn't matter if you haven't read them or if they were a gift. You can go to the library when you REALLY are going to read them.

Go through each at a time. Look at each and every item and see how much you can put in your "for sale" box or pile. Do this with each room of your house including your don't need all those pots/pans, dishes, fancy glasses you NEVER use.
Go through the garage....

After you have done that and if you have enough for a yard sale then schedule your yard sale. Post on that you are having a yard sale. Place ad in paper. Put signs in front of your home, end of street, hang a sign up at the grocery store and local restaraunts.  If you don't have enough stuff to sell yet then you need to go through every room again...until you do find enough to make it worth your while. You need cash NOW. So do what you have to do. It might be difficult but I PROMISE you once you sell off your stuff you won't even remember what you had in the first place. You won't miss it.

If you don't want or can't do a yard sale take your "stuff" to a flea-market and sell it there. If you can't do that then find a "consignment" shop to sell your stuff for you. They will take a commission.

You will want to continue this process until you have gotten rid of as much as possible. This will declutter your home so you can concentrate on working from home. This will free your mind. It will give you the cash you need for gas, food or other bills.

This actually could turn into a business in itself. Some clean out basements and attics for others such as family and get items for free which are then sold at flea-markets, yard sales, etc.

This is a sure way to get cash quick while you are buidling your home business for find that work at home job.

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