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Three Tips for Starting Your Own Small Cleaning Business

Three Tips for Starting Your Own Small Cleaning Business

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The results that appear on the internet when you search for a house cleaning business in your area can be very intimidating.

We researched the small cleaning business market and came up with some conclusions that you should know about before you start going. We suggest you do what we did - and that's to scour internet feedback. People speak their minds online when is comes to the house cleaning business. The ability to get cleaning contracts is crucial, but even more so is the ability to get repeat customers and good feedback. This takes you being a likeable, trustable person in the advertisement, on the jobsite, and on the phone. We've compiled three suggestions for anyone thinking about starting their own maid service business.

1. Specific marketing beats general marketing, especially in the beginning
While we don't, by any means, advise against creating a good-looking, slick internet presence, this may not be the best place to start. Once you get your name online, you're entering a fierce field of competition. It's very important that you have visible feedback before you try to get cleaning contracts over the internet. We suggest you start by creating flyers that you distribute to homes around where you live. These cleaning flyers should take into account the type of house they're being distributed to and who might be living there. If there are dogs in the backyard, advertise that you are a specialist in the field of removing pet stains. If there are rain barrels around the house, advertise that you are greener that the rest of the green cleaning businesses because you can walk to the jobsite and use diluted vinegar as a cleaning solvent. Be sure to include a photograph of yourself on the flyer. This is critical. More on why in the second section of this article. Treat flyering like a full-time job. Once you get contracts from neighbors, focus on knocking it out of the park. Customer service is the most important thing people want from a maid. It's as crucial as the removal of dust and hair bits from around the sink. These early customers will be crucial to your success later in the game. Every customer, even ones who claim to need a one-time cleaning (think foreclosure cleanup), is a chance for you to win more contracts. As far as a succesful Craigslist ad goes - be sure that yours looks more like one of these than the other. You know which one looks better. Take the time to make it look good.

2. The Human Element
One out of three successful maid service businesses we found included the first name of the individual doing the cleaning in the title of the business. Customer feedback is dominated by comments regarding the maid's personality. From the get-go, make your house cleaning business a personal operation. Your cleaning flyers will contain a picture of you and a note on who you are. If you can make the client laugh when you are in their home, you win serious points. It is vital that you are able to grin and bear the most obnoxious home situations. There will be yap dogs. You must love them. There will be toddlers who want to taste your windex. There will be a Mrs. Ratchett who follows you around, watching your every move. If you can remain goal oriented throughout the performance of your cleaning duty, you will get more contracts. Repeat customers and online feedback are what you need to want every second you're on a jobsite, no matter how hard it gets. Once you're established you can get a little picky.

3. Specific practises require specific promotions.
If you plan to specialize in foreclosure cleanup, offer a one-of-a-kind deal to real estate agents in your specific neighborhood. Make the deal seasonal and make it sound big, but not desperate. There's a lot of potential to get creative and use your marketing skills here. An office cleaning service might flyer accounting businesses with a "tax-season special". A window cleaning service might offer a "two panes for one" deal in the pollen season. You get the picture. Promotions turn possible buyers into real buyers. If you're starting a specialized cleaning business rather than a house cleaning business, you have the potential to offer promotions based on your in-depth knowledge of a certain area.

Going into business for yourself as a maid can be lucrative and rewarding. There is always a market for what you do - everything that can be clean gets dirty - but only if you do it with energy and a smile. It is critical that you look into what is being said about your competition on the internet - look at Yelp and peruse the Google Reviews of all of your competitors. Once you've done this, distribute your highly engineered cleaning flyers to those people who live near you. As you start to get cleaning contracts, remember that each job is a major opportunity to turn your small house cleaning business into the best one around through internet feedback and word-of-mouth recommendations. People will use your first name and, hopefully, tell their friends that you're a funny person who was also nice to their yap dog.
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