Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is Awesome


Author: Ashwin Maheshwari
Entrepreneurship is the new dream that everyone wants to pursue - from students to working professionals to even retired people. Perhaps most of them remain wantrepreneurs because only a few persist to turn their dream into a reality.

Every successful entrepreneur, small business owner and CEO decides to start a business to solve a problem that either they face themselves or see a group of people facing it. There are some simple reasons why they take it to themselves to solve these problems. I hope these reasons inspire you to go from a wantrepreneur to an entrepreneur because being your own boss is awesome!

So here are 10 reasons why you should consider becoming an entrepreneur:
  1. Contribute to economic growth by providing employment
  2. Build a business as an investment
  3. Provide a better quality of life (to yourself and your employees)
  4. Hone your leadership skills
  5. Become financially independent
  6. Set your own schedule and work when & where you want
  7. An opportunity to turn ideas into reality
  8. No fear of being fired/sacked from a job
  9. Create a legacy
  10. Follow your passion and feel personally fulfilled
If you observe, you'll realize several business leaders and entrepreneurs have chosen this career path due to one or several reasons mentioned above. If you like reading autobiographies of successful people, you should definitely read interviews of successful entrepreneurs. They not only inspire you but also teach you lot of things that if applied can help you achieve success in life.

For example, from Steve Jobs, you can learn how one should be relentless to pursue your passion, even if it is ridiculed by others. Perseverance and passion differentiates common men from innovators. Similarly, from Vidal Sassoon (the great hairdresser), you can learn how love for your craft can help you to not just start a successful business but create a legacy that trails even after your death.

Not everyone wants to become an entrepreneur and that's perfectly fine but neglecting your calling to start a business is a real tragedy. If you really feel confident to start a company, you should give it a try. Don't worry about your lack of business knowledge or bad presentation skills. You can hone all of these through proper entrepreneurship education.

There's no doubt that entrepreneurship is awesome, but that doesn't mean everyone and anyone can pursue it. Take a good look at yourself, figure out what your dreams are, see if you can stay committed to the entrepreneurial life for a period of at least 5 years, and if your heart says ‘yes', just do it! There's no better profession or job in this world than being an entrepreneur.
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/entrepreneurship-articles/10-reasons-why-entrepreneurship-is-awesome-6760724.html
About the Author
Ashwin is a freelance article writer who is passionate about entrepreneurship education. He mostly writes about topics related to business, startups and marketing. He often spends a lot of time reading interviews of successful entrepreneurs to get inspired and to learn what it takes to start a successful business.

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